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All classified ads are only 20 cents per word for subscribers. No minimum, no maximum number of words. Do not abbreviate. Make your message clear. CameraShopper does not charge for the numerical condition rating (example: C6, C7+, C8-) to describe quality.

CameraShopper Pledge

Since the question of conflict of interest is an understandable concern, we pledge that neither we nor anyone associated with the production of CameraShopper will contact advertisers for a period of one week following the mailing of CameraShopper. We considered a total prohibition but concluded that if we were the only potential buyer for an item, such a restriction would penalize the advertiser.

There will be absolutely no skimming.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment in full by check drawn on a U.S. bank or postal money order in U.S. funds, must accompany all advertising orders. You may also pay with money order, PayPal Western Union or bank draft on US bank. No Eurocheques please. To keep cost of advertising in CameraShopper as low as possible, billing is not available, unless arranged in advance with the publisher.
  2. Repeat ads: To determine total cost multiply the cost of one month by the number of months the ad is to run. For same size ads run in three consecutive issues, deduct 15%. (First ad must be pre-paid.)
  3. If only telephone or P.O. Box is to appear, your name, home address and phone number must be included for our records only.
  4. Please type or print your ad copy clearly. Ads can be submitted by Email. Your name will be set in bold at no additional cost.
  5. Any word set in bold within your ad is an additional 10 cents per word.
  6. Use plain piece of paper for longer ads. Every effort will be made to avoid typographical errors, but our responsibility is limited to the cost of the space in which the error occured. CameraShopper reserves the right to edit any and all ads for clarity, refuse advertising not related to the interest of its readers, or refuse any ad without explanation.
  7. All items advertised must have prices.
  8. Advertisers who wish their artwork or photos returned, must include a return stamped envelope or add money for postage
  9. No refunds after ad is typeset
  10. We expect all advertisers to be above board and honest. We would appreciate hearing your comments and complaints. All advertisers should adhere to the standards set in this publication. Non-compliance with these standards may result in loss of advertising privileges.

Select the desired category for your ad. Photos are not permitted directly in the classified text, only in display ads. Advertiser's name will be printed in boldface at no extra charge. Any ads that only show P.O. Box or telephone number must have residential or business address on file with CameraShopper!

See complete listings of rules on this page. Thank you for your patronage.

Want Attention?
Add Bold Headlines
A size add $3.00 per line 10 pt
B size add $3.00 per line 12pt
C size add $5.00 per line 14pt
D size add $5.00 per line 18pt

Size of headline on web page is as example only; refer to CameraShopper for actual sizes

Ads that show dotted lines............are charged $2.00 per line

City     State     ZIP  
Country Telephone  

Standards for Advertisers
  • It is to your advantage to describe items conservatively and accurately. CameraShopper strongly suggests that advertisers give a return privilege on all items. Buyer should immediately contact seller if an item is to be returned.
  • Sellers are required to accept the first offer for any item at the price stated in the ad. If you accept an offer, you may not accept higher offers received subsequently. Cameras, images or other items advertised may not be sold for more than the advertised price.
  • All cameras, images, or items advertised must be ready for immediate shipment. Ads must state clearly who pays for shipping and handling charges. Items shipped must be properly packaged and shipped by a responsible carrier. It is also suggested you insure the item(s).
  • Prices must be listed in all ad. Items without prices or requesting "best offer", "make an offer", "bids welcomed" or any variation will be deleted.
  • All advertisers using post office boxes for reply must have their home or business address and telephone number on file with CameraShopper unless stated in the ad.
Classified Categories
  1. Accessories for sale
  2. Accessories wanted
  3. Advertising for sale: literature; books; magazines; signs; ephemera
  4. Advertising wanted: literature; books; magazines; signs; ephemera
  5. Antique & classics for sale
  6. Antique & classics wanted
  7. Art deco cameras for sale
  8. Art deco cameras wanted
  9. Cameras less than $20 for sale
  10. Cameras less than $20 wanted
  11. Colored-body cameras for sale
  12. Colored-body cameras wanted
  13. Darkroom equipment for sale
  14. Darkroom equipment wanted
  15. Help; Questions; Information; Photo Societies and Club Notes
  16. Images for sale
  17. Images wanted
  18. Kodak for sale
  19. Kodak wanted
  20. Leica for sale
  21. Leica wanted
  22. Lenses for sale
  23. Lenses wanted
  24. Miscellaneous for sale
  25. Miscellaneous wanted
  1. 35mm for sale
  2. 35mm wanted
  3. Magic lanterns for sale & wanted
  4. Medium format for sale
  5. Medium format wanted
  6. Movie for sale
  7. Movie wanted
  8. Point & Shoot for sale/wanted
  9. Press & view for sale
  10. Press & view wanted
  11. Rangefinder cameras for sale/wanted
  12. Stereo equipment & images for sale
  13. Stereo equipment & images wanted
  14. Studio equipment for sale
  15. Studio equipment wanted
  16. Special purpose & video cameras for sale
  17. Special purpose & video cameras wanted
  18. Subminiatures for sale
  19. Subminiatures wanted
  20. TLR for sale/wanted
  21. Union cases for sale
  22. Union cases wanted
  23. Unusual; Unknown; Handmade; Restored; Repros; re-leathered; novelties for sale/wanted
  24. Zeiss for sale/wanted
  25. Non-photo items for sale/wanted
  26. Canadian corner
Condition Rating
Rating Used Antique
C10 100% original condition. Everything perfect, but pre-owned. May be in original packing, box or case, with unfilled cards. Same principle as used. May or may not have original lens, bellows or accessories -- any alterations must be noted.
C9 90% original condition, almost new. Used little. Minimal imperfections, mechanically perfect. May show signs of aged wood but no major cracks. Lens and bellows may not be original. Parts added must be noted.
C8 80% original finish, minor imperfection, mechanically perfect. Minor age cracks may exist. Lens, parts, bellows may not be original. Signs of wear - will display beautifully.
C7 70% original finish, few noticeable spots of wear. Would not affect the use of the equipment. Mechanically working. Noticeable wear, cracks may exist. All replacement parts or restoration must be noted in sale.
C6 60% original finish. Noticeable wear but would not affect the use of equipment. Mechanically questionable but working. Same principle as used. Some parts are worn. Replacement parts likely and noted. May not be working.
C5 50% wear, well used but working, may need service. Any replacement parts or defects should be noted. Repairable. Same principle as used. Any replacement parts or defects should be noted. Possible restorable condition.
C4 Questionable working condition, shows considerable use. May not be repairable. Same principle as used. Questionable working and restorable condition.
C3 Suitable for parts only. Suitable for parts only.

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